Finding Love

When sky meets the horizon of blue oceans
When the floret blooms with hip of emotions
When spring brings the garden to life;
And comes butterflies fluttering their wings
My heart skips a beat.

Heart skips a beat, and my allure mind race,
Races to the world of fantasy
Mesmerizing my imaginary theory
Delighting, green yellow and
every possible color of spring
I take a lone walk in the deep forest.

And here you are! appear like a magician
Performing wondrous act and beauteous fiction.
I’m amazed to find you here, away from chaos
Not around in the public places and malls’ so famous

Over whelming, you walked up to me like guardian angel
And whispered, “Love at first sight, you pretty girl”
I blushed, melted and lost all senses that I had
And found everything new, I’m glad
that I have found you

Two consenting hearts, now walks, hand in hand
Making deep forest their “Dream Land”.


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