Life’s Lessons



A Hope For Joyous Tomorrow, Fight Depression

It was that coldest night of December; Tina had her quick supper and went on to roll on the bed of her penthouse. She thought after having long tiring day, she would fall asleep soon but in vain. Silently tears rolled down along the gravity crashing on the cheeks of this beautiful lady.

She tried to tangle and untangle herself in every angle fighting to fall asleep and free her from the agony. She had Tsunami of these hurting emotions coming through during the day too, but she had managed to draw away her mind and attention elsewhere. Like some intellects have brilliantly said, “Day can certainly see us, but night knows all of our secrets”. This coldest night of December haunted her terribly.

She started to recollect, how her drunken father had abandoned her and her ailing mother. She hated any father figure she came across in life. Tina was brave and did everything she could to bring back her mother to normal life, but destiny had something else for her. Her mother had bid goodbye and freed her from untimely responsibility she had inherited without choice. With time, she was healing herself, she had started to work, was socially active, made many friends and by now she was in love.

Tina twisted and turn over to the other side of the bed. As if, the clock beside her bed was eagerly waiting to get her glance, its violent alarm shook the table; it was 3 am in the morning. Tina boiled with the thought that she must rush for office in couple of hours. She had to meet deliverable of her project the next day and could not even think of taking a day off. Furiously, she ran towards kitchen, opens the fridge, grabs bottle of Chivas Regal, one of the finest brand of Whisky and her favorite too. She gulps down and breathes long and loud, as if she has conquered the world.

3:30 AM, she blinked her eyes only to find her pillow drenched, lost in thoughts she had been crying ocean whole night. This time she recollected, when her lover boy, her prince chose another girl over her. Dinesh was one of a kind in the universe, he loved Tina immense. Their life was no less than a fairy tale; other couples would envy the bonding they shared. But who knew the depth of one’s heart and when it flicks its direction. Who knew this fairy tale would disappear under the dark blanket of betrayal.

Feeling empty, she goes to the terrace and pulls herself to the edge. With her legs dangling in the air she sits. She notices deserted road with silence all around and couple of dazzling street light. And in a distance, the clock tower displayed 4 AM in Roman Numerals.

The flow of thoughts and tears had no speed breaker. She felt awfully terrible, her mind and her heart crackled intensely. She always felt lively when winter breeze passed by, but tonight, she felt as if it wrapped her around and twisted her throat, choked and suffocated. Growing up having poor childhood, lonely life and betrayal shook her to the point, where she felt, jumping from the edge of this terrace is the only way to end her traumatic life. Depressed Tina closed her eyes, and gazed at her life’s memory for last time. Tears flooded along the replay of her life’s visual images that intensified her intention to end her life.

But most beautiful events in life occurs unexpectedly and unplanned. She began to hear rhythm and wind whispered as if there isn’t anything else in the world more secret than this. Voice echoed; does it end here? Is it worth giving your life? Can there not be any other way to come over this drama?

Life within her wanted to live, experience joy and happiness. Her soul still hoped that Tina would fight back and be like a rock. 5 AM, the clock tower displayed; the chirping of morning birds and noise of slowly increasing traffic promised her that coming dawn would bring back her happiness, if she decides to fight her demonic thoughts.

Tina gracefully let go her pain and hugged her life, silently tears rolled down along the gravity crashing on the cheeks but with joy and new hopes.

A Hope for joyous Tomorrow, Fight Depression.


Couple of minutes back,
Slowly yet steadily
My world has shaken
I’m scattered and broken
How can I say the world, what you’ve taken.

This isn’t what I had planned and written.
Neither I believe, you had jot on.

Couple of minutes back,
Slowly yet steadily
My heart has torn apart
It’s tough and too tough
To think of fresh start.

What’s that I’m gonna do,
Without you, I have no clue
May be all that I can do
Is forget to breathe
And rest before the Sunset.


Yet again another day

Here comes the ultimate play
The play I admired of
The play I prayed for

The cart I cherish
The crew you and me
An aesthetic play
And the morning dew
Yet again another view

You took me through the valley of love
So deserted was the nearby hub
So crowded were our heart
Yet again another play

And a beautiful way to GAY (delight)

The beautiful way, yet again
I smile till the depth again
you extracted the worries from my lungs
& crowned me with your pearly love crown

The first aid feeling & the play
Came to an end

Yet again the world of GAY started to melt

Yet again another day
Yet again the sorrow rained & wailed
Yet again I admire you
Yet again I pray for you

Yet again I love you & only you
And its eternal true

Yet again its only you
My beloved co-crew.

©Sulochana Rai
All Rights Reserved
No part or its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author.