Life’s Lessons




Yet again another day

Here comes the ultimate play
The play I admired of
The play I prayed for

The cart I cherish
The crew you and me
An aesthetic play
And the morning dew
Yet again another view

You took me through the valley of love
So deserted was the nearby hub
So crowded were our heart
Yet again another play

And a beautiful way to GAY (delight)

The beautiful way, yet again
I smile till the depth again
you extracted the worries from my lungs
& crowned me with your pearly love crown

The first aid feeling & the play
Came to an end

Yet again the world of GAY started to melt

Yet again another day
Yet again the sorrow rained & wailed
Yet again I admire you
Yet again I pray for you

Yet again I love you & only you
And its eternal true

Yet again its only you
My beloved co-crew.

┬ęSulochana Rai
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